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“Hello friends, please help me to get out of this frustration. Yesterday morning while extracting the ZIP file due to some unexpected issues my system got shutdown. After some time I restarted the system and tried to open the Zip file but it is generating an error message stated “The archive is corrupted or damaged”. I don’t know how to access data from the Zip file. Guys Is there any repairing tool to repair corrupted Zip file? If yes, then please suggest me so that I can fix the corrupted Zip file as soon as possible.”

Repairing corrupted zipAre you the victim of such similar situation? If yes, then don’t get panic under such situation there are various scenarios which results in the corruption of Zip files. Whatever may be the scenario you can easily fix this issue with the help of Repair Corrupted Zip software. This reliable tool is used for repairing corrupted Zip file on all versions of Windows based systems.

Common scenarios behind the corruption of Zip file:

Sometimes while transferring the Zip file over the internet if any sort of unwanted issues takes place like sudden system shutdown, internet disconnection, etc. then it results in the corruption of Zip file. Usage of any unreliable third party tools to unzip the Zip file also results in the corruption of Zip file. Without having proper technical knowledge if you try to covert the Zip file format to any other file format then there may be chance of corruption of Zip file. Improper downloading of Zip also results in the corruption of Zip file. Each and every device has bed sectors on it. If the effect of bad sectors is more than it results in the corruption of Zip file saved in the drive. Apart from above scenarios some other reasons like virus attacks, hard drive, error in upgrading the OS, partition table corruption, etc. also makes the Zip file inaccessible.

Features of Repair Corrupted Zip Software:

This software is used for repairing corrupted Zip file on various versions of Windows operating system such as Windows 8, 7, Windows XP, Vista, Windows server 2003 & server 2008. It is used for repairing damaged Zip files that are stored in various storage devices such as USB flash drives, pen drives, hard drives, FireWire drives, external hard disks, etc. By using this utility you can also fix password protected or highly encrypted Zip files. It has the ability to repair the damaged Zip files that created by using 7Zip applications, WinRAR application, etc. It is read only software i.e. it just read the contents from original Zip file and start repairing it by generating a copy of it. It’s simple GUI helps the user to repair Zip file with utmost ease. A free 24/7 technical support is always available to guide about the software.

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