How to Recover Pictures, Files After Factory Reset?

Factory reset is nothing but a method to restore the system or laptop back to its factory setting. Usually, the performance of the system gets reduced due to several virus infected files, software malfunction problems, logical errors, system crash and so on. So in order to fix these issues, it is necessary to perform the factory reset but this will result in the deletion of important files, pictures, software, multimedia files, applications, and so on.

Recover files after factory resetConsider a scenario you have accidentally performed the factory reset of your system and this results in the deletion of important pictures and files from your system. Don’t get worried by thinking about your foolishness because mistake can happen with anyone. You can easily recover files after factory reset with the help of File Recovery Tool. To know more Info how to recover files after factory reset you can try out the software demo version that is available for Free of cost.

Reasons behind performing the factory reset:

  • Accidental or unintentional reset
  • Hard disk drives crash
  • system issues
  • Blue screen on death errors.

Above are only some of the reasons due to which factory reset is performed. Apart from above factors some other reasons like virus attacks, malware intrusion, operating system crash, hardware issues, also lead to perform factory reset of the system. No need to get panic, even after performing the factory reset you can still hope for file recovery with the help of reliable, safe and secure software called File Recovery tool.

Outstanding Features of File Recovery tool:

This reliable software helps to recover picture, important files on the different version of Windows (Windows 8, 7, Windows server 2003 and server 2008, Windows XP and Vista and Mac operating systems including Mavericks, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, and so on. It is used to restore files such as images, audio, video, spreadsheets, software, Zip files, RAR files, etc. This software is used for recovering deleted or lost files from various storage drives like USB drives, pen drives, SD cards, memory cards, SSD drives, external hard drives, etc. This reliable tool consists of a simple graphical user interface which helps the users in performing the recovery operation. It is also for recovering the files that are deleted by formatting the hard drive and also recovers files from corrupted hard drives.

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