Windows Error Recovery

About Windows:

Windows is a popular OS developed and marketed by Microsoft which can be used in PC or Laptop. Nowadays, many people are using Windows because of its periodical update of fresh versions, security and safe practices purposes, management and administrations, etc. Also, it supports large storage capacity computer drives which allows user to store more quantity of data in it.

It provides lots of advantages nevertheless there are chances intended for Windows to get error which leads to huge facts loss. Anyhow, with use of Windows error recovery software you can actually retrieve data from Windows in few simple mouse clicks. This is the best tool designed and marketed by group of industry experts in such a way that even beginner users to perform Windows error restore in an efficient manner.

Some common error which could occur while encountering Windows OS:

  • While accessing Windows OS, if suddenly screen gets to be blue then the user can’t be performed any further actions and the system might reach deadly state. This sort of incidence occurs due to Operating System crash, adding incompatible software, drive crash etc. In case, if the user encounters this kind of error then are higher chances for huge data loss from Windows.
  • There are many versions of Windows OS obtainable in today’s market and user might opt to upgrade it. While performing this task, if any error occurs due to system malfunctioning then are usually possibilities for Windows to acquire error which results in data loss.
  • When user starts Windows computer during that time if the system does not boot by up a number of boot errors then suddenly available data might accomplish inaccessible or unreadable. Generally, system fails to trunk when user tries to change boot section of something or due to some uncertainty third party application which are on the system.

These are some common errors which could occur while accessing Windows OS therefore to overcome from most of these issues user can make full use of Windows error recovery software to acquire back inaccessible or unreadable facts.

Features of Windows Error Recovery Software:

  • This software can recover any sort of data which are lost or inaccessible due to Windows error issue.
  • It provides the capability to recover facts from file system such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT partitions.
  • This recovery tool can restore data from several versions of Windows such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 and 2008. Visit this page to know how to recover data from Windows 7 critical hard drive error in a best way:
  • With use of this utility, user can find data from recovered data and it can be sorted on the basis of file name, file size, date and file location.
  • Save Recovery Session option obtainable in this tool enables you to resume the recovery process without notice and also it makes certain that you don’t need to help re-scan the restored data again.
  • Before storing in any desired location, recovered data can be previewed employing this software.

Excellent Tool to Recover Data after Shift + Delete

Windows is most widely used operating-system this OS is having simple and quite highly interactive user interface. Till date Microsoft released many Windows OS versions for example Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and the present one is Windows 8. Today almost every work can be done by utilizing computer it has given flexibility to create and use files and also perform many tasks this is far better then the standard file system. Because of this utility each computer user wishes in order to save their data on system. Some system’s users won’t aware of the data loss scenarios will loss data from computer.

It is quite common to save the files and folders on system but Windows system could also have chance of data loss or deletion. For those who have also come across with such type of data loss scenarios in your Windows system then you don’t need to worry now, because by utilizing one of the best tool called Windows Recovery Software it’s really easy to recover lost data from Windows system. This recovery tool also allows you to recover data after Shift + Delete key combinations to delete particular files.

Let’s know some sort of data loss / Deletion scenarios you might find with Windows system

Intentional Deletion: Sometimes you may remove some unwanted files from system by utilizing key combinations like “Shift + Delete”. In this kind of deletion the deleted file will by pass the recycle bin and when you needed back such files it won’t possible easily.

Formatting or Reformatting: Drive formatting can be achieved because of many reasons for example to make the free space for new data or else sometimes drive can’t be access because of malware infection. After formatting when you reformat the drive to alter the file system from the drive then in this case if any interruptions occur then you definitely will lose the data in the formatted drive.

Virus Infection: Virus infection is the most primary reason for data loss in a electronic device, once the malicious data enters system then it progressively infect the files and make them inaccessible. If you perform computer virus scanning operation then antivirus plan may delete virus infected files without any type of notice.

Features of Windows Recovery Software

  • This software will use to recover more then 300 kinds of files which include music file, video file, picture file, exe files, pdf files, Word file etc.
  • It can possible to recuperate data from the recycle bin that has been emptied without looking at the stored content of the recycle bin.
  • By using this software it can possible to recuperate data from external hard disk along with internal hard drive.
  • Windows Recovery software is well suitable for file system types for example FAT and NTFS.
  • By applying this tool you can recover data from corrupted or formatted hard disk effectively.
  • This utility could be use to recover data despite Windows operating system reinstallation has been done.
  • This tool is the act as the complete recovery solution for the Windows systems. To know more in detail regarding the Windows recovery just visit this link:

Retrieve deleted files on windows pc

We have several benefits of using windows operating system, it’s the operating system glorious to all, as compared to mackintosh OS. We run several Microsoft designed programs like ms word, excel, PowerPoint etc. we produce some necessary files by using this applications and store them in our windows pc. beside these office files we tend to store different files like music files, video clips, images etc. sometimes these stored files becomes so vital, we cannot take an opportunity to lose our essential files from our Windows pc.

Beside of having most importance of the stored files, it happens that we might delete our crucial files purposely or accidentally. If it is so, it becomes very essential for us to bring them back.

It is not an uphill task to recover deleted files on windows now days, as a result of the technological innovations, and techies have designed a sturdy application that recovers all of your deleted files from windows pc.

Before knowing about recovery software let us discuss about the case scenarios of losing data files from windows pc.

•          Re-partitioning drives: once you repartition your drive of your windows pc then there are possibilities of losing files stored in previously existing partitions.

•          Use of shift+Del: while deleting any file from your windows pc if you press the combination keys shift+Del then you’ll lose a file permanently from windows pc and thus it need to be recovered with the help of recovery software.

•          File deleted by antivirus: suppose a virus has invaded your pc and has infected a crucial file of yours. To chase the virus out of your pc you will scan your computer by using antivirus, while scanning antivirus deletes infected file and therefore you will lose your important file.

•          Emptying recycle bin: inside windows recycle bin an option is provided, Empty Recycle Bin if you click on it you’ll lose entire files present within recycle bin

Features of windows file recovery tool:

•          This tool is a quick restoring tool that scans you whole drive in brief time and recovers deleted files from it.

•          This program recovers files deleted from recycle bin very effectively.

•          With the assistance of this tool you’ll be able to recover those files that you have got deleted by pressing shift+Del keys.

•          This application sorts recovered files based on size, date name and file type.

•          After recovering deleted files you can save them to any storage device as well as to any location of your drive that’s accessible to host windows OS

•          Prior to data restoration, it’s possible to preview recovered files.

•          This application supports many versions of Microsoft OS as well as Windows XP, Windows vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008.

•          This application is well reputed and most trusted in market.

•          Demo version of this program is available on web site this helps you check the product once before purchasing licensed version.

For more details of windows file recovery click here:

Download free demo version offered on our web site and run the program installing in to your PC, if you are happy with result you get, then purchase licensed version of program.

Windows 8 Photo Recovery Tool

Windows 8 computer may contain all your valuable photos as back up. But losing the precious files from the Windows 8 will be very irrespirable. In spite of several precautions you may lose your valuable photos, some unanticipated situations might valuable photos loss on your Windows 8. Whenever the vital photos are deleted then it could painful and certainly you might look for a way to regain them from Windows 8 computers. There are a number of reasons to lose your photos from Windows 8 computers. In these circumstances you should have to go for outstanding photo recovery app for Windows 8. So recovery experts have premeditated Windows 8 Photo Recovery Software, it is individually planned and developed to recover deleted photos windows 8.

Then how Windows system may lose photos stored on it? Here are some scenarios

  • Unintentional deletion: Among all the data loss situations this is the most general and state that can be committed you. While deleting some discarded stuffs from Windows 8 system’s hard drives you could unintentionally choose the erroneous files or you might opt Select All option and then rub out them without ensuring the files. Equally the photos may also be deleted from the digital cameras itself by choosing wrong files or the wrong options.
  • Interruptions during file transfer: While moving significant photo files from your Windows 8 to other devices or vice versa, if any unexpected interruptions such as rapid power breakdown or abrupt extrication of the USB cable might split the file transferring process and reason you data loss. Suppose you erase any files Recycle Bin folder then those files will also be lost.

Sometimes, the photos from your Windows 8 could be lost or erased as a result of unintentional or deliberate formatting of the hard drive of the Windows 8 computers. So this situation, you have to obtain this Windows photo recovery app and then install it on your Windows 8 or earlier versions of Windows computers and then execute recovery of photos, it can scan the full hard drive and then recovers each and every file including the images. It can recover 280 types of files, for more details on other media file recovery you can visit this page You can exploit this app when your photo are deleted using Shift Delete keys and might be formatted. So this application is the complete package to retrieve photos regardless of any kind of reasons.

Windows 8 Photo recovery software can retrieve images of various types such as PNG, BMP, GIF JPG, TIFF, JPEG, and PSD. This photo recovery app for Windows 8 supports external data storage devices. It is well-matched with both all earlier Windows OS based computers to restore deleted or lost photos. Including the photos, it can recover all types of other media files namely videos, movie files, audio files etc. you can also evaluate it recovery results using the demo version of this app.

Cost Effective Tool to recover files on corrupted external hard disk

Windows OS is quite prominent Operating System and just about all users use Windows OS to use since it user friendly in order to work for office or personal usage. It can commonly fix functionality based errors on Windows but a major issue can bring about loss of precious information, which can’t be retrieved using Windows OS like file system corruption, Partition corruption, hard disk drive corruption, Operating System damage all of these scenarios will bring about data loss through the external hard disk. So to get back the data through the external hard drive you should take advantage Windows recovery software program.  Loss of data might occur through the other storage devices like external computer drives, SD card, Flash drives, etc.

Are you thinking how to recover files on corrupted external hard disk?

If yes, then no need to be worried because you can recover it using the Windows recovery software External hard drives are widely used to hold different types of data files like clips, movies, audio tracks, video, information that is personal etc but a majority of probably, . In External hard drives FAT file system is used if this file system gets corrupted due to any reason it might result in data loss through the External hard drives. To recover data through the hard drive you need to use windows recovery software. Sometimes, you may accidentally click on the external hard drive instead of selecting the other drive then the hard drive is formatted  due to this data loss can happen. While transferring data from storage device to your computer if you switch off suddenly the PC it might lead to data loss. If any files are corrupted due to virus attack, external hard drive is removed from your system abruptly, without using safe remove option while transferring data in such cases you’ll be in leading data loss situation. So if you come across this type of scenarios then stop using particular external hard drive from which you have lost data. To avoid overwriting of the data and sometimes the lost data cannot be recovered using Windows recovery software. While installing Windows recovery software you should be watchful that you cannot install Windows recovery software on the same drive from which you might have lost data.

The most outstanding features of the software:

  • Whenever data loss happens from any storage device, utilize Windows recovery software program to recover lost data easily.
  • This application has the ability to retrieve lost data from formatted hard disk drive, SD card, corrupted external hard drive and from any other storage device.
  • This software program provides user-friendly interface it can be installed on any computer very easily. Before by using this recovery software program, make certain you have not over written data on the storage device from which you might have lost data.
  • This software provides you a trial version, which you can install on your computer for free of cost. Download the trial version and perform recovery operation if you are satisfied then can buy this recovery software. for more information visit:

Fantastic Utility to Recover Windows 8 Files After Formatting

“I have installed Windows 8 Operating System on my PC. On that I have stored important files like project reports, photos of my child’s birthday event, PPT files related to business, etc. One fine morning while working on it, I found that my PC performance was slow and consuming much time to access all the files. So, I decided to format it to increase its performance. But before formatting I forgot to take necessary backup and formatted the computer. I am in trouble because those files were very important for me. Can anyone guide me possible methods to restore lost files”.

If you stuck under above stated situation then it is a most frustrating moment for you. Are you thinking about how to resolve this type of issue? If so, then stop worrying. In order to help universal users to overcome this type of problem, expert professionals have launched outstanding software known as Windows 8 file recovery tool to perform data recovery in simple steps. By making use of this program, you can get back data from Windows 8 PC.

Likely scenarios for formatting of data on Windows 8 computer are stated below:

  • Formatting due to error message: Sometimes, while working on Windows 8 computer, suddenly you may get an error message like “your drive needs to be formatted, do you want to format it”. In case, if you do not know how to respond this type of message and click on “yes” option resulting in formatting.
  • During OS installation: While installing Windows 8 Operating System, you need to select the drive for formatting but while doing so, if you are in rush and mistakenly select the drive containing vital files for formatting then there is a huge data loss for you.
  • Bad sectors on hard drive: Bad sectors on hard drive take place due to recurrent power failure. This makes you unable to access all the files stored on hard drive. In order to keep your hard drive safe from corruption issues, there is a only option called formatting.

Features of this genuine software:

  • It is able to support recovery of files including images, documents, audio and videos.
  • This utility has the power to perform recovery of files from SCSI, IDE and SATA hard drives of manufacturing brands like Buffalo, Seagate, Toshiba, etc.
  • It will restore data from formatted hard disk partitions like NTFS, FAT 16 and FAT 32.
  • This application can recover data from RAID0, RAID1 and RAID 2 formatted partitions.
  • It is not only compatible with Windows 8 OS, also it is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, 2003 and 7.

It is the smart software to perform recovery of formatted files by performing complete scanning of Windows 8 hard drive in couple of minutes. If you are a novice user and do not know how to use this utility then also you can recover lost files without difficulty. It provides most secure and protective ways to restore formatted files on Windows 8 PC. It can help you to store files based on file name, file size and date of file creation. If you want to understand the working procedure of this application just visit here: