Cost Effective Tool to recover files on corrupted external hard disk

Windows OS is quite prominent Operating System and just about all users use Windows OS to use since it user friendly in order to work for office or personal usage. It can commonly fix functionality based errors on Windows but a major issue can bring about loss of precious information, which can’t be retrieved using Windows OS like file system corruption, Partition corruption, hard disk drive corruption, Operating System damage all of these scenarios will bring about data loss through the external hard disk. So to get back the data through the external hard drive you should take advantage Windows recovery software program.  Loss of data might occur through the other storage devices like external computer drives, SD card, Flash drives, etc.

Are you thinking how to recover files on corrupted external hard disk?

If yes, then no need to be worried because you can recover it using the Windows recovery software External hard drives are widely used to hold different types of data files like clips, movies, audio tracks, video, information that is personal etc but a majority of probably, . In External hard drives FAT file system is used if this file system gets corrupted due to any reason it might result in data loss through the External hard drives. To recover data through the hard drive you need to use windows recovery software. Sometimes, you may accidentally click on the external hard drive instead of selecting the other drive then the hard drive is formatted  due to this data loss can happen. While transferring data from storage device to your computer if you switch off suddenly the PC it might lead to data loss. If any files are corrupted due to virus attack, external hard drive is removed from your system abruptly, without using safe remove option while transferring data in such cases you’ll be in leading data loss situation. So if you come across this type of scenarios then stop using particular external hard drive from which you have lost data. To avoid overwriting of the data and sometimes the lost data cannot be recovered using Windows recovery software. While installing Windows recovery software you should be watchful that you cannot install Windows recovery software on the same drive from which you might have lost data.

The most outstanding features of the software:

  • Whenever data loss happens from any storage device, utilize Windows recovery software program to recover lost data easily.
  • This application has the ability to retrieve lost data from formatted hard disk drive, SD card, corrupted external hard drive and from any other storage device.
  • This software program provides user-friendly interface it can be installed on any computer very easily. Before by using this recovery software program, make certain you have not over written data on the storage device from which you might have lost data.
  • This software provides you a trial version, which you can install on your computer for free of cost. Download the trial version and perform recovery operation if you are satisfied then can buy this recovery software. for more information visit:

Revive Lost Data after System Restore

Are you a person who has recently lost data from Windows after restoring system by an old backup file? When you make use of an old backup file to reinstate system data then the system is restored with files when the old backup is created. Sometimes it has happened the user stick is such a situation from where it is must to run backup files to reinstate system. Let us discuss in more detail sometimes it has happened user encounters a situation from where formatting of system is must. It might happen due to virus attack, file system corruption, improper shutdown and so on. When the user formats system then all the data is wiped out completely from Windows computer. Here you need a recently created backup file to get back system data.

After formatting system there are two conditions arises through which user can face data loss after system restore. First is when you do not have recently created backup file and stick in unintentionally formatting condition. It may lead to severe data loss because you do not have recently created backup file to recover system data. Another way that may lead to loss of data from system that is when you run old backup file to recover system state then it may lead to loss of files that you were stored after creating backup files. So it is recommended to always equip with latest backup file so that you can recover system state, when you lose data from Windows system.

Let’s take a real life example to know more about data loss after system store. Assume you connect your system to infected external drive in order to transfer data from one place to other. When you do so then there is a possibility of relocation of virus into system. As it gets transfer into system then it might damage MBR part of system. Once it has damaged then you become unable to access system further. Here in such a condition you need to format the system and reinstalled Windows OS to make system back to working condition again. Once you format the computer all the data within the system wipes out. Here you need a backup file to reinstate system condition, in case you don’t have recently created backup file then it leads to severe data loss situation.

After encountering such a situation, you are thinking that you are incapable to revive lost data then I want to say that you are wrong. Here you should not think that you are incapable to revive lost data. Here you need to opt a Windows file recovery tool that will skilled enough to revive system data after system restore. You can make use of Windows File Recovery Software to recover data from Windows system after restore. This tool is award winning tool and capable to revive data from various version of Windows OS such as Windows 2003, 2007, XP, Vista, 7, 8, etc. It is capable of recovering files after system restore from various existing hard drive types including SCSI, SATA, IDE, etc. In case you are looking for a solution to get back lost data after system restore then you can make use this awesome tool and successfully revive lost data with ease. More detail you can visit this link:

Right procedure to rescue Windows hard drive

If anyone asks you answer for the question how to rescue Windows hard drive data then definitely you can say YES!!! In fact you can regain data from Windows hard drive or formatted storage drives because it does not shred your data until and unless these files are overwritten by other data. It contains the file system like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and EXFAT to keep data in it, after formatting or reformatting, the file system of your computer get replaced by new file system. Due to such procedure all entries of stored files and directories saved on the drive are cleared so that you are unapproachable to stored data from that hard drive.

Whenever you save your files on the computer hard disk drive it makes the index file in which all the locations of stored files are preserved in this file and when your file get deleted from system just it removes its access ability of file otherwise still this lost or deleted file is physically intact with your Windows hard drive. You can recuperate data from it by using Windows data recovery software before these deleted files are overwritten by other files. To know more how to regain Windows hard drive data click here

There are some other data losses scenarios, due to which you may lose data from Windows operating system those all reasons are listed below:

  • Improper hard drive formatting: You may lose data from Windows hard drive after any error or interruption while formatting it. Sometimes, you may end up formatting process accidentally while upgrading or installing OS.
  • Antivirus scan: The antivirus program can be run on the hard drive of computer. When the drive is being too scanned, if any threat is detected, it will ask for the action to be performed. Sometimes, antivirus software itself deletes the file if the file is severely corrupted or if there is any error in the coding of antivirus program.
  • Virus intrusion: Virus attack is the common reason for Windows hard drive data loss. It may corrupt the data of the hard drive and makes inaccessible. It may also corrupt the boot sector that contains important program files needed for system rebooting. After such disasters, you need to format hard drive resulting data loss.
  • Re-installing operating system: Suppose, your system is running very slow or the installed OS crashes very often then the only way to solve this type of problem is to re-install the operating system. Re-installation of OS asks you to format the partition on which you want to re-install the OS. In this situation if you won’t take the backup of that partition then you will end up in losing all important files stored on it.

Guidelines to prevent data loss from Windows hard drive are as follows:

  • Try to maintain important files backup in another storage device.
  • Close all the programs before turn off the system.
  • Use UPS for the system to get some extra time to save the files in case of sudden power outage.
  • Use upgraded antivirus program to scan your system to get free from virus attack.

This tool helps you to regain files deleted from Recycle Bin or by using shift + delete command prompt. You can recoup data from hard drive that has crashed or does not boot with the help of this application.

This software is available in free trial version to check its performance. Once you download and install it on your system to know how much efficient this tool is to regain data from windows hard drive. When you run this tool it is going to regain all the deleted or formatted data from hard drive and you can preview the obtained files. If you are happy with the result gained then you can buy full version to save the regained data.