Easiest Way to Recover Windows Computer Hard Drive Data

Windows OS is one of the most favored computer OS used by lots of the people around the earth, its an OS that was developed by Microsoft Corporation. This wonderful system software comprises lots of supportive features, and it’s a user friendly OS. These days nearly all the computers are installed with this Windows operating system.

However besides of being so much advantageous, sometimes it happens that the stored data from Windows computer hard drive will be lost. In fact, there are various reasons behind this awful scenario. But now you don’t have to worry, if you lose any crucial data from Windows computer, because by just taking the assistance of data retrieval software lost or deleted data can be easily recovered. For more details log on to: http://www.windowsrecoverydisk.net/

Some significant reasons that make data to get lost from Windows computer hard drive are discussed below:

  • Virus intrusion: Computer that is installed with Windows operating system is more inclined for virus strike, harmful viruses easily infect the data stored in it, if virus enters into your Windows computer hard drive it will cause severe damage to the files stored in it, which finally leads to loss of essential data.
  • Accidentally deleting data: Sometimes accidentally you could delete crucial data from Windows computer, which makes you to face severe data loss issues. Therefore you should be very careful while deleting the unnecessary files from Windows computer hard drive.
  • Reinstallation of Windows OS: Most of the people who use Windows PC try to upgrade their older version of Windows OS with its latest version. During the reinstallation process sometimes data will get lost from hard drive of Windows computer.

Apart from these, there are various other scenarios due to which data will be lost from Windows computer hard drive. But employing data retrieval software you can easily recover Windows hard drive data.

Popular features of data recovery program are explained below:

  • It’s a robust data recovery software that’s been incorporated with an advanced scanning engine, using which you’ll be able to scan entire Windows computer hard drive in few minutes and bring back lost or deleted data.
  • This excellent data recovery tool has achieved worldwide reputation in comparison to other tools.
  • This tool provides most convenient approach to carry out Windows hard drive data recovery.
  • This fantastic application is easily compatible with all available versions of Microsoft Windows operating system including Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows XP etc.
  • By using this application you can perform data recovery after reinstalling Windows OS.
  • If lost or deleted data is to be recovered from Mac computer then a separate version of this tool is available on web.
  • With the help of this software you will be able to bring back data from various kinds of hard drives including IDE, ATA, SATA and SCSI etc.
  • This remarkable recovery tool has the capacity of recovering data from various types of secondary storage devices such as USB drives, memory sticks, memory cards, and external hard drives etc.
  • It’s a best tool that’s almost clear of viruses and malicious programs.

Check out the demo edition of this application, which is on web. If you get satisfied with it then buy its licensed edition.

Best Recovery Tool for Windows

The first operating system for all mini and micro computer was developed by Microsystems. This operating system was developed to compute the entire heavy work load with easy methods reducing human work load and saving precious time. These systems can compute any work within few minutes. These systems are also best entertainment gadgets for humans, using these systems you can create, design, edit, and save the documents on storage devices. At present there are many version of operating system varying from MS- DOS to latest Windows 8. You can store any files in these systems like photos, videos, official documents, songs, emails, etc. To know more on data recovery on Windows OS visit: http://www.windowsrecoverydisk.net/


These file may be are very important to you. Losing these files from any hard drive or partitions created in windows operating system using windows disk management utility may drag you in bothering conditions. Suffering from these situations you may in found of a solution to regain all your lost data. There are many data loss scenarios such as mentioned below:

  • Data from storage disks may get deleted accidentally while you are using the disk management utility and unfortunately delete the partition or format the partition resulting in to total data deletion.
  • Due to virus attacks: harmful viruses, spyware, and malware may get into your system due to copying data from any corrupted system or by downloading files through internet. These harmful viruses will change the structure of all the files, even system files which user can access it which are present on the hard disk leading to corruption. If you are using any antivirus tool then this tool will delete all the corrupted files. If any of the system files are corrupted then it will result in system break down.
  • Sudden shut down: sudden shut down of computer system may lead to deletion of file present in MBR (Master Boot Record), which is used at the very start of windows operating system to load all default value to work normally. If any of these files are deleted then the system will result boot failure.
  • Incomplete transfer: if you are transferring files using cut + paste option, after using cut option if fail to paste it and turn off the system or remove the storage media then it will results in losing of data from system hard drive or any particular media.

For safe recovery of all the data from hard drive follow some important preventive steps.

  • Never overwrite any sort of data on to disk or partition from which the data is lost to avoid permanent data loss.
  • Always use updated and licensed version of antivirus to avoid further corruption of data.
  • Always use UPS to prevent abrupt shut down of system while recovering the data.

In case you have followed all the precautionary steps, then relax and feel free to use this application to find photos on hard drive and all the data lost or deleted from any hard disk or partition. This ultimate tool is designed by talented professional of industry considering all scenarios stated above. This application is top rated for it ousting performance and result. This inimitable tool is designed with special technique to search about 300 different types of files with their unique file signature in every single segment of hard drive and recovers without any problem in few minutes. This tool supports all type of hard disks with different file system and all version of Windows operating system with least hardware requirement. You can preview the data fetched from corrupted or formatted hard disk prior to save it on any other storage device. You should have to activate this tool to full version to avail save option.