Best External Hard Drives that you can Opt

Nowadays peoples are opting for external hard drive to upgrade their laptop storage device. External hard drive is a portable storage device which is used to store data. User is able to transport data from one device to another using external hard drive. This device is used to store and back up important files in a safe way. There are different brands of external hard drive available in market. Some of the brands of external hard drive are Seagate, Samsung, Toshiba, Western Digital, Transcend, and many more.

The specification of some top brands of external hard drive is given below. Let’s have view:

Seagate Expansion: This drive may look basic but the basic model boasts 2TB of storage for just under Rs 6370. You also get 3TB variants for Rs 9,160 and 4TB for Rs 11,708. It’s our pick of the bunch for sheer space and simplicity. A new 2015 variant changes the rather staid design for a chequered one, but is slightly more expensive for the same capacities.

Samsung M3: With hard drives, its value that often wins the day and while Seagate’s Expansion does it on sheer bang for your buck, Samsung’s M3 is the best value drive in the portable segment. Its Rs 4,428 for 1TB and Rs 6,380 for 2TB. Like many portable drives, its USB powered. It also features some PC software that enables you to password protect your drive.

Toshiba Canvio Basics: One of the only drives where the 500GB is significantly cheaper than the 1TB, which means you can have fantastic portable storage for not much over Rs 4,000. The 1TB is also slightly cheaper than the Samsung. And for a portable drive, you want something that you’re not afraid to get out of your bag.

WD MY Passport Ultra: At just 15mm thick, the 1TB USB-powered My Passport Ultra is not only available in several colors (black, blue, red and grey) but also features hardware encryption and auto-backup software (WD Smart Ware Pro) for your PC. Mac users will need to reformat the drive, as it is formatted for NTFS out of the box.

Check this page to know more about the specification related to external head drive.

Straight Forward Ways to Repair PSD Files in Windows 7

Hello there, I am using Adobe Photoshop upon Windows 7 from past three months. Usually, I used to edit images for digital photography purpose. As usual although I was working this morning, application suddenly terminated when I tried to can get on again, it shows an oversight message. This indicates that my PSD file’s got damaged. Is there any means to repair PSD data? Off course! Your PSD file could be repaired using PSD Repair Software. Just read this brief article to discover how to repair your PSD file in the simple way.

Adobe Photoshop is a semi-pro tool used by many people worldwide for editing photos. It could edit in multiple layers and supports masks in addition to various color models. Photos that happen to be edited with Adobe Photoshop are generally saved with. psd format. With user associated with PSD, user can actually edit photos after conserving. Though, PSD consists of the advanced technique for editing photos but still user may face an oversight while trying to open or edit PSD picture in Windows 7 which ends in corruption of PSD data file.

There are many other possible ways like fault in Adobe Photoshop, software package conflicts, system freeze, and so forth. which corrupts user PSD data file. As a result, user may lose the entry to PSD files which tends to make them tensed. Relax! PSD file corruption is usually normal these days and there are numerous tools in market nevertheless we recommend a ideal utility called Repair PSD Software program using which user can as a tool to repair PSD File in Windows 7 within just few simple clicks.

Let’s examine how PSD files acquire damage in Windows 7:

Alteration Error: When user tries to improve PSD file format through. pst to any other image formats, if any interruption arises during conversion process then there exists a possibility for PSD files to acquire corrupted.

Improper Termination: Whenever user creating or enhancing images on PSD, sudden termination of request or system shutdown because of power surge might infected PSD files.

Virus Assault: If your PSD file gets corrupted because of harmful viruses, then there are chances that it could get corrupt and become un viewable.

The Wrong Type of Up-gradation: Improper updating of application can also lead to PSD data corruption.

These are some common scenarios because of which PSD files acquire damaged. However, by using this PSD repair tool you can certainly repair PSD file with Windows 7.

Features associated with Repair PSD Software:

Repair PSD Software can be used to repair your damaged or broken PSD data. This software supports PSD files created by using all versions associated with Adobe Photoshop. With this reliable tool, user can repair corrupted PSD file of just 1, 8, 16 and 32 bit channel. It facilitates on major Windows platforms like Windows 8, windows 7, Windows XP, House windows Vista, Windows 2003 in addition to 2008. Before saving the idea to desired location, consumer can preview the restored PST file. Apart through Windows, it also supports Mac Operating-system to repair a damaged or damaged PST data file. To get more information regarding how to repair damaged, broken or damaged PST data file, visit:

Step by Step Instructions to Recover Deleted Files and Folders in Windows 8

Windows 8 is fundamentally one of the best PC working frameworks which are constructed up by Microsoft. It presented various new attributes which contained a more noteworthy concentrate on Touch characteristic. It is even furnished with a graphical client interface to enhance its client experience. Being fused with all these remarkable features there’s undoubtedly; Windows 8 is the consequent working framework.

As, you make use of handbook to store information in files physically in the same way, the essential data in Windows 8 PC is put away in files. According to terms, you even look at the same conduct with these files. These files are thusly gathered in a folder to have simple access. Doesn’t make a difference how influentially Windows 8 working framework was assembled, it is still powerless to issues like deletion or loss of files and folders. There are different circumstances that prompt deletion or loss of files and folders in Windows 8. At the same time, now don’t stress! Considering how to recover erased files and folders in Windows 8 as, you can do so utilizing viable File Recovery Software.

Circumstances that prompt erasure or loss of records and organizers in Windows 8:

  • Improper framework end or interference while replicating your vital files and folders from Windows 8 framework to outer storage media
  • Accidentally clicking Shift key alongside Delete key will prompts lasting deletion of files and folders that you have chosen in Windows 8
  • External dangers like unsafe infections or malwares pollutes the files and folders put away on Windows 8 PC working framework. In such circumstance, against infection project running on Windows 8 framework can erase infection tainted files and folders
  • Matters like document framework debasement, hard drive disappointment, incidental erasure of parcel, and so forth may cause loss of enormous number of files and folders in Windows 8 PC

At whatever point you remove a file and folder in Windows 8 PC, it normally first go to the Recycle Bin. When you end up inadvertently erased a few files and folders, it is not difficult to get then back on the off chance that they are still in the Recycle Bin. Anyhow, suppose it is possible that you have cleaned the Recycle Bin as well. Could you regain your valuable files and folders in Windows 8?

The response to the above inquiry sounds positive utilizing File Recovery Software. In all actuality, when you purged the Recycle Bin, erased files and folders are not gone everlastingly quickly and they are still at some spot be that as it may, the space that they possessed is checked as reusable, and they’ll disappear totally once there is new information in. In this way, verify that you didn’t compose new information to the same parcel where you erased those files and folders. At that point you have an opportunity to recover them.

File Recovery Software is one of the best and safe utility which is constructed with modules and calculations to effectively get back all your significant files and folders either, erased or lost because of different reasons (separated from the reasons specified above) in Windows 8. By utilizing this product you can likewise recover files and folders either, erased or lost from memory Cards, compact hard drives, Firewire drives, Camcorders, pen drives, and so forth. Separated from recovering erased files and folders in Windows 8, it can additionally regain either, erased or lost files and folders in Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows server 2003 and 2008 working frameworks. Make utilization of the demo adaptation of the product keeping in mind the end goal to attempt more prominent shots of your either, erased or lost files and folders getting recovered in Windows 8 inside a base measure of time.

How to Repair QuickTime on Mountain Lion?

These days, you use different media players to play your audio, videos etc. QuickTime is one such media player developed by Apple inc. which is being widely used on both Mac as well as Windows operating systems. It is basically a multimedia framework capable of managing different formats of digital video, picture, sound, panoramic images and interactivity. It allows you to view high definition videos available on the internet in extremely high quality. QuickTime’s classic version is available for Windows XP as well as Mac OS X Leopard and later operating systems. QuickTime X is its current version which is available on Mac OS X Snow Leopard and newer. You can even play MOV file on QuickTime Mountain Lion. OS X Mountain Lion, developed by Apple Inc. is the ninth major release of OS X for Macintosh computers. The intend to develop Mac OS X Mountain Lion was to allow users to easily manage and synchronize content between various Apple devices and to make the operating system more recognizable. Windows XP is the Microsoft’s personal computer operating system. With its awesome features such as, a more intuitive graphical user interface, increased performance etc. it proved to be the most admired and widely used. Even though Mountain Lion QuickTime has got various advantages when, compared to other media players but, there are situations that lead to corruption or damage of a QuickTime media player. This in turn doesn’t allow you to access your MOV video file and hence, leave it unplayable. But, don’t worry! Now repairing QuickTime on Mountain Lion is easy using MOV Repair Software.

Reasons behind corruption or damage of a QuickTime file on Mountain Lion:

  • While transferring MOV file from one drive to the other on Mac OS X Mountain Lion system, if something goes wrong then, it interrupts the transfer process in turn leading to corruption of QuickTime MOV file
  • If you open MOV files on unsupported media players apart from QuickTime then, it can damage its header which, in turn makes the data part inaccessible. In some severe cases, it can alter and corrupt the QuickTime application file
  • Improper Installation of QuickTime leads to its malfunctioning which, in turn lead to corruption of MOV file on it

You can successfully repair QuickTime file on Mountain Lion due to any of the situations mentioned above using reliable MOV Repair Software. This software is especially designed to repair either, corrupted or damaged QuickTime MOV file due to other different reasons(apart from the one mentioned above) within minimum amount of time. It has a simple user interface by using which even a novice user can perform QuickTime file repair process by following the simple steps given without any difficulty. You can not only repair QuickTime MOV file on Mountain lion version of Mac but, can also repair QuickTime on Mac Leopard, Snow Leopard versions. With the help of this software you can also fix MOV files on Mac drives with different file systems such as, HFSX, HFS+ and FAT etc. Apart from MOV file, it also has the ability to repair                                                                                                                                                                                             corrupted, damaged or broken MOV files. You can even repair QuickTime file i.e. either, corrupted or damaged on Windows XP and its newer operating systems. It also helps you to repair MOV files on different storage devices with ease. Make use of the demo version of the software in order to try greater chances of your QuickTime file getting recovered.

Finest Corrupted or Damaged AVI Repairing Tool for Windows 8

Nowadays the majority of users desire to watch movies if he or she get time. AVI is probably the widely used video file format. It has become craze for folks to store their favorite movies in AVI file format as it has broad range of advantages. Nevertheless, there are few circumstances, where you are not able to play favored AVI films on Windows 8 PC because of some errors which comes while downloading files from internet. Thus, it is going to become distressing for any video buff when his significant AVI video clip stored on Windows 8 becomes damaged. In such critical cases, instead of accomplishing silly mistakes stay calm and collected and check out for good repair application. When it comes to repairing damaged or corrupt AVI video clips of any size on Windows 8 computer, Damaged AVI Repair tool is the foremost application in the globe.

Common circumstances which leads to corruption of AVI videos on Windows 8:

  • In some cases while playing AVI video file on any player, if any disruption like unforeseen shutdown of computer happens then it makes corruption of your valuable movie files.
  • The AVI file gets damaged because of unsynchronized audio or even video i.. Length of audio or video is different. In that scenario, backup of harmed AVI file is not available then you’ll need to forfeit your cherished AVI file.
  • At situations, while transporting AVI file in one computer system to help other storage pushes, there might be potential for unpredicted power outage, which in turn results corruption or even damage of AVI data file.
  • The corruption of this computer file system may also affect entire info stored on that hard disk drive. In case should you have stored AVI files on such dangerous drives then it ends in damage of video files.
  • Other situations like codec troubles, AVI file header corruption, damaged video frames, virus attack , AVI file may also be leads to damage of this crucial AVI files.

No matter exactly how AVI video files on your laptop or computer are damaged, you are merely fix AVI video files with the assist of this fixing instrument. While performing the actual AVI file fixing, this software initial takes the infected or damaged data file, extracts audio as well as video stream from their store, then repairs these individuals separately and adjoins both audio and video streams to produce a healthily video data file.

This repair tool fixes AVI video clips, which are damaged from numerous brands of digital video cameras including Canon, Olympus, Panasonic, Sony, Nikon etc. This repair utility is competent enough to solve AVI movie files from memory cards of varied kinds like SDXC card, flash card, SD card, XD card, etc. You can get free demo edition of the software at free of cost. With the assistance of demo software, you could approximate the effectiveness of AVI file fixing process. After fixing process finishes, you can observe the result by employing file preview solution. In addition to AVI file repair, this software is additionally skilled enough to repair XVID, DIVX files in few easy clicks. To know the entire information about AVI file repairing process move through this link:

Effective Tool to Recover Deleted Photos from Memory card on Windows

Due to advancement of digital camera and camcorders, taking images is easiest task nowadays. Many people store the captures pictures on memory card to access them with utmost ease. Pictures helps you to recall your past memorable moments. However, certain situations may contribute to loss of pictures from storage device. If you are worried about your deleted photos from memory card, no need to bother, there are several applications available in marketplace. If you are looking for good and efficient application to bring back all lost photos, then you are in perfect place. Picture recovery from memory card on Windows is best utility particularly developed for the users of Windows based laptops and computers to get back lost pictures from memory card.

All most everyone is like to take their precious instances of life on cameras, mobile phones and many others, now a day’s user are using cameras to arrest pics and store them in memory cards. Since photos are the best ways to recollect our older memories, losing those digital pictures are remarkably unbearable. Many times this loss is due to corruption of memory card, furthermore your essential photos become inaccessible. Fortunately, you can rescue back pictures on Windows based computers at your fingertips.

Besides corruption of memory card, there are abundant factors behind loss of digital pictures from USB memory card. Few of them stated below.

  • Accidental formatting: At times when you are accessing pictures from memory card on your Windows PC, you might come across error message displaying “Format now”, that happen due to errors in memory card file system. In such situations, if you do not have backing of pictures, then it leads to loss of very important photos from your memory stick.
  • Accidental deletion: Since storage device have limited size of storage space, most of the users decide to delete redundant pictures that are stored in storage device. While deleting this kind of photos, user might by accident hit delete about his favorite image file which lead to severe loss.
  •  Virus infection: Sometimes after, you connect memory card to Windows PC to transfer photos. Unexpectedly you may notice many virus in memory card which sometimes deleted pictures.
  • Inappropriate handling: Many times, you might expel your card without using proper removal process while image transfer process is going on. At times when file transfer is in middle of processing if your computer shuts down abruptly, pictures may delete and leads to loss of images.

Losing pictures because of unique moments is bothersome for anyone. Moreover, it enhances the uneasiness if backing of photos is certainly not present. To overcome such crisis, Photo Recovery for Windows computer is designed. This tool rescues photos from memory sticks, USB hard drives, iPods, and FireWire drives. It brings back images from hard disk drives of different forms like SATA, IDE, as well as SCSI etc. Combined with images, one could also use this tool to get better various media data files like videos, movies, digital RAW photos and more. It has ability to recovers partitions including FAT16, FAT32, as well as NTFS etc. Utilize demo version regarding photo recovery software, if you are pleased with results you may buy complete software package to recovers most deleted/lost images from storage device. Furthermore information click here