To recover NTFS data

The file systems used for Windows operating system are FAT and NTFS, FAT was used in older versions of windows and NTFS is used in newer versions of it. Since NTFS is a new file system it doesn’t means that it can avoid losing of data from the partitions of hard disk, which clearly means that there are some possible chances of losing important data from NTFS partitions.

If the lost data involves any important items then you will get into critical state. Do not get disappointed if you face such kind of problem, because now you can easily get back your lost or deleted data on your NTFS partition. Yes of course now it is possible. The only thing you have to do for restoring the data is, make use of NTFS data recovery application, which has the ability of restoring all types of computer data files that has been lost or deleted.

The NTFS data recovery application is unique from others and it has the following important features:

  • By using this application you can easily perform NTFS hard drive data restoration
  • The whole NTFS partition can be recovered by using this powerful application
  • It has the ability of recovering lost or deleted video clips, photos, audio clips from NTFS partitions
  • This application is intuitive and is graphical user interface that has been built with advanced scanning engine which will help you to find and recover lost partitions
  • The lost or deleted data recovered from NTFS partition can be previewed before actually restoring it
  • The data after restoration can be sorted on the basis of title, date of creation, size and file type
  • By using this NTFS recovery software you can recover data from corrupted partitions
  • More than 300 file types can be recovered by using this recovery application

Scenarios of losing data from NTFS partitions are mentioned below:

  • Virus infection: When a harmful computer virus enters your system then there are chances it might damage NTFS file system, which leads to loss of data from NTFS partitions
  • Corruption of partition table: partition table is a data structure that maintains the information of all partitions of hard drive, if this partition table gets corrupted then you will not be able to access any partitions and hence your important data is lost
  • Deleting NTFS partition: in case if you delete any partition of your hard drive then you will lose the entire data present in it
  • Reformatting the partitions: if you want to change the file system from NTFS to some other file system then you may perform reformatting which causes loss of data from NTFS partition

For more  scenarios regarding loss of data from NTFS log on to:

Follow these below mentioned steps to avoid data loss from NTFS partition:

  • Avoid the entry of virus which will corrupt the file system, which causes the loss of data
  • Retain a backup of your important data so that even if you lose data from your computer you can use the backup copy

You can examine the results of recovery by using the free trial version available on our website. If you get satisfied with the out coming results then purchase the licensed version of it.