How to Find Deleted Files from Flash Drive

Flash drives are extensively used by millions across the globe for saving user data. it lets you save any number of files in its memory and can be run on all types of operating systems. This makes it one of the most preferred object for saving data. However, flash drives do have their downsides. The data that you save on it is not guaranteed to stay on forever unless it was scanned for viruses and was taken good care of.

The data that is saved on flash drive is not always reliable and can be lost to various causes. The best way to protect your data is by creating a backup of your flash drive. You can also make use of a simple strategy wherein you create duplicate copy and save the copy to a safe folder on a different drive altogether so that you don’t have to worry about losing data from it.

There may be a few others who don’t care to create a backup of their flash drive and may end up losing data from their flash drives. Now, you don’t have to worry about losing data from your flash drive anymore because with the invention of flash drive recovery software, you can find deleted files from flash drive and restore them to a safe location back on your computer.

To know how you can undelete files from flash drive and have all your data back, watch the tutorial below:

Losing data from flash drives should never be a worry again if you have a flash drive recovery tool installed on your computer.  A well certified recovery tool is guaranteed to recover each and every file from your flash drive unless the data was overwritten by new data after the data loss. Now, data overwrite is another major cause for losing data permanently after you have already lost data. This occurs when you write new data onto your drive from which you’re looking to recover data. It is highly advised to not use the flash drive after data loss and keep it away from all usage altogether until you get a good flash drive recovery tool on your computer.

From the above video, we can clearly say that the software employed in the tutorial can efficiently perform the entire recovery process on a flash drive without any disappointment. It is fast, supports all flash drive brands, can be run on all Windows versions, lets you choose between deleted and lost files to be recovered from your flash drive which can be of immense help if you’re just looking to recover deleted and not lost files or vice versa.

When you haven’t written new data onto your drives memory after data loss, then you are fully guaranteed of recovering data from flash drive with the help of a flash drive recovery software. The software used in the above tutorial comes packed with the following features that additionally let you perform the recovery with great ease and control during the data recovery process:

  • It gives you the option to select specific files from your flash drives memory which you would like to recover. Eg., photos with just JPEG file extension can be recovered and so on.
  • It can recover folders with all the folder contents intact in it. This becomes really helpful if you were looking to recover folders from a flash drive.
  • The recovered data can be viewed by you soon after you undelete files from flash drive using this software.
  • Finally, you can save the data on the computer to which you had the pen drive connected to during the flash drive recovery process.

Easy Way to Undelete Files from Memory Stick

Memory Stick is a kind of external storage media which can be used to store different kind of files. Memory Sticks had been introduced by Sony in the year 1998, but now Memory Sticks are available in market from different manufactures like Samsung, Toshiba, Kingston, etc. There are different families of Memory Sticks such as Memory Stick PRO, Memory Stick DUO, and Memory Stick Micro, the largest capacity of Memory Stick is 64GB currently available in market. Typically these Memory Sticks are used by most of the digital devices like digital cameras, Memory card reader, digital music players and cellular phones, etc.

By making use of Memory Stick, these digital devices are storing different kind of data on it like photos, audio file, video file etc. However like some other storage devices there is also a chance of file deletion in Memory Stick due to many reasons like use of third party tool, accidental formatting, etc. But now it is possible to undelete files from memory stick by making use of most powerful card recovery software.

Scenarios of file deletion from Memory Stick

Antivirus Application: Some of the third party tool like antivirus deletes your files without kind of warning or alert. So always it is good practice to use updated antivirus program to scan Memory Stick periodically.

Formatting: When memory stick is connected to the system there may b a chance of accidental formatting, which results in huge amount of data loss.

Unintentional Deletion: When Memory Stick is connected to PC and performing some unwanted file deletion that may be image or any musical track. Instead of selecting particular file if you have selected some other file then there is chance of important file deletion.

Features of card recovery software

  • By making use of this tool it is possible to undelete files from Memory Stick; this will help you out to undelete different file formats like audio, video, image, etc.
  • This tool provides most simple graphical user interface by using this it is possible to undelete files from memory Stick by novice user of computer.
  • This software is also well designed for different Memory Stick brands like Samsung, Toshiba, HP, Kingston, etc.
  • This tool also smoothly runs on different versions of Windows like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.
  • Other than Memory Stick this tool helps you to undelete files from different storage Medias like flash drives, FireWire drives, external hard drives etc. For more details click:
  • This software has a capability to undelete files from Memory Stick those have been used by different digital devices like digital cameras, camcorders, PDA’s, Smart phones etc.

Precautions to avoid file deletion from Memory Stick

  • Try to avoid connecting your Memory Stick to virus infected PC or any device because that may infect your Memory Stick that results in loss of data.
  • While deleting file from Memory Stick make sure that which file has been selected for deletion, because incorrect selection of file for deletion results in important file loss.

Try to take backup of Memory Stick before formatting process is carried out.