Software to Recover Files on Corrupted External Hard Drive

When you want to carry huge amount of data along with you from one location to another then external HDD will plays a significant role in it. The portable drive is widely used in the globe and it is secure to provide backup of vast quantity of data. Even this storage media is safe and secure but, there are numerous scenarios for example file system corruption, improper usage, etc. that results in the complete loss of data. In case you come into the situation where you won’t be able to access existing files in portable drives, then, you will be worried about crucial documents. No need to hyper, with the aid of Windows Recovery Software it is possible to restore data lost because of any circumstances. To get complete information about the recovery, visit here


  • Sometimes you may connect your external drive with severely virus infected devices. These harmful programs get an entry into the portable drive and corrupt the file system.
  • While copying files from one storage media to another media such as computer drive to external disk drive or vice versa, if user removes USB external disk drive without proper ejection process then you may lose accessibility of existing data.
  • In some cases you might face that sudden system shutdown because of power failure, system reboot, etc. that stops the read and write process. It leads to the files inaccessibility.
  • There are some other scenarios which causes to the loss of files these are booting error, unexpected format error, booting error, hardware failure, internal hard drive fault and so on.
  • In some cases user format the external drive either knowingly or by considering some other drive, it leads to the loss of huge amount data.

Some useful tips to prevent loss of files:

After losing files from the external disk drive immediately stop working on the external drive. Because, if you makes the external drive in usage and store various other files then you will completely loss your crucial files. The reason behind is that when you format the drive then it just erase the address pointer from the pointer table and shows the free space to store new files in it.

Prominent features of this highly qualified application are given below:

If you have experienced any of the above discussed factor and waiting to get back lost files from the drive, then, this ultimate tool is provide that answer for user asked question “ how to recovered files on corrupted external hard disk”.  It supports restoration of files from various files system like FAT32, NTFS, HFS+, FAT16 NTFS5, HFSX, etc. on various Windows OS as well as Mac Operating system. This award winning software has ability to retrieve a variety of files for example audio files, image files, video files, Word files, PowerPoint, etc. from many other external storage media such as memory card, USB drive, thumb drive, etc. It is designed under the guideness of expert available in the industry and avail the recovery process with few easy steps.