Best Tool to Password Protect Folders in Windows 8

I have a Windows 8 PC in my office. I have kept huge amount of sensitive files in it. The same system is used by many people in the office. I am always worried about my important data which I have saved into it, I am also afraid because, the stored data is not a simple one, it is very important. If it falls in the wrong hands then I will just get screwed up. So I want to protect my folders by setting a password to it, but I don’t know the way of protecting it. When I started browsing on net about password protecting folders I got the following information.

If you are thinking how to password protect a folder in Windows 8 then here is the best method for doing it. Read this complete article for knowing it. You can now protect your private folders in Windows 8 based computers by setting a password to it. There exists a powerful password protector tool, using that tool now you will be able to safe guard your folders with a great ease. It is basically an application that has been developed using robust technology, and is specially built to take care of confidential files and folders on Windows 8 based computers.

In what way the above told password protector application works?

When you run the above told password protector application on your Windows 8 computer to protect folders. It will ask you to set a secret password, and you have to set it. After setting a password to it, whenever you try to open the password protected folder you need to enter the right password, and access your files kept in that folder. Hence it’s a reliable tool it will not allow any unknown user to access your files or folders. To know more about password protecting a folder just click here:

What are the features of password protector software?

The password protector software has lot of benefiting features; however some of the features are mentioned below here:

This wonderful password protector tool is absolutely free of cost, which means you don’t have to pay anything for using it. It can easily encrypt your confidential data and make your files and folders password protected. This powerful application has the ability to protect any type of file including office files, movies, photos, music files etc. it is an application that supports on all new versions of Windows operating system like Windows 8, Windows7, Windows vista, Windows XP etc. You can also use this tool to run on Mac OS as well as on android and iOS. Besides of protecting folders on computer you can even safeguard your confidential folders on all types of external storage media like pen drive, memory cards, external hard drive etc. This superb application is graphical user interface.

If you want to use the above told application then just visit the website, and download the free password protector tool from there. Install and run the downloaded application on your Windows 8 computer. By following appropriate screen steps protect your private folders that you want to.