About Google’s Quantum Computer that Launches an Artificial Intelligence

In 1980s, researchers working on the development of the quantum computer. That would be more powerful than any other of the digital computers that exist today. Google, which collaborate with NASA and the Universities Space Research Association (USRA), says that it has a quantum computer.

Google claims the D-Wave 2X machine is 100 million times faster than any of today’s machines. As a result, this quantum computer has the ability to complete calculations within seconds. It easily calculate to a problem that might take a digital computer 10,000 years to calculate.

The D-Wave 2X represents the field of artificial intelligence along with quantum leap for computing. This machine is now carried out by NASA for their research program. This can be done by this machine because it’s too hard or too complex for other computers to solve any problem instantaneously.

There are many things said about how Google’s quantum computer works. There is a process called quantum annealing is used for immediate applications for Google’s quantum computer. There is a class of AI problems which is generally referred to as optimization problems. Imagine NASA being able to use quantum computers to optimize the flight trajectories of interstellar space missions, FedEx being able to optimize its delivery fleet of trucks and planes, etc.

Moreover, the development of quantum artificial intelligence also benefit consumers at great level. In a Google promo video for its Quantum Artificial Intelligence they suggests that travel might be one type of consumer optimization. Suppose you want a holiday in Europe and you want to select a city, you tell to the computer how much you want to spend for this trip and then Google optimize a perfect trip for you.

Instead of quantum computer facility there is one problem with it, it is very notorious beasts to tame. Using quantum computers you deals with quantum bits  and not with digital bits. Basically digital bits is either 1 or 0 but quantum bits could be either both at the same time. So that you have to deal with each and every property of quantum bits predicted by quantum machine like entanglement and superposition inorder to correct quantum computer program.

When you look forward you realize that there are two different scenarios for quantum computing. The first scenario is that Google uses these D-Wave quantum computers to completely rule the market because there is nothing like this giant machine. And the other scenario is that now a days world need some other forms of computing and using this company wants to easier the program than qubits.

The PS4 just got a little bit more powerful

Haven’t you realized the chances that your PlayStation 4 got more powerful a little bit? The PlayStation 4 comes with the octa core CPU. Till now, the game developers may leverage six of them from the list while other two ran into the operating system. But the company Sony recently has unlocked the latest 7th core for the games, or at least the part of it.1ZgXJiE

Sony has not communicated about move yet, but some of the developers are already having advantage of 7th core. For an instance, audio middleware maker is a latest Firelight Technologies which is released with a version of the sound effects engine using FMOD.

In particular, the change log mentioned the 7th core, which is spotted by Eurogamer “PS4- Added FMOD_THREAD_CORE6 in order to allow the access to the newly created unlocked 7th core.”

The FMOD runs on each and every platform out here such as PlayStation 2, 3, 4, Linux Xbox, Xbox 360, Portable and Vita, Xbox One, 3DS, iOS, Wii, Wii U, Android, OS X, Windows, and more. It is integrated in various popular game engines, such as Unity, the CryEngine, the Unreal Engine Source and more. You can also say, Firelight Technologies know the way how to optimize the audio engine for all the platforms.live0357-620

As the reminder, Microsoft also did the exactly same thing earlier, letting the developers leverage 7th core on Xbox One. Both the gaming device PS4 and Xbox, one has been using the core for system tasks like voice commands. It looks like the game developers have to share the core with these tasks.

All games that you already have use 6 cores. They have been optimized in order to run on 6 cores, and they would not take the advantage of new core without any new patch. There is not much incentive in order to spend the time updating existing games if they are running fine on 6 cores. Now, for new games they are taking advantage of the 7th core if it is not too late during the development. Game engine developers will update all the engines to enhance the new feature in it. On the PS4 and the Xbox One the GPU power is more important than the CPU power. So today’s change is not earth-shattering but games might run a little bit smoother.

Contact Suggestions and Flight Details coming to Outlook.com and Outlook on the Web in 2016

Microsoft has been regularly updating its email service, Outlook on the web with address book improvements and flights events in calendar for their users. Recently Microsoft has announced two new features Outlook.com and Outlook on the Web starting in 2016. MS Outlook for Android, iOS, and Windows will get the address improvements in upcoming year.Smarter-address-book-and-flight-confirmations-coming-to-Outlook-on-the-web-1b-1024x545

Automatic flight confirmations will roll out in January 2016 to Office 365. As Events are stored in your calendar, they will automatically show up in your all Outlook versions that are connected to your Office 365 or Outlook .com mailbox. Just go through the details of the features which come with Outlook and Outlook.com in future.

Outlook will suggest you when users may mistype their email address or names as they click on ‘To’ or ‘Cc’. According to Microsoft, the system is able to suggest a similar sounding name out of your daily used contacts even if spelling of the contacts is completely different. Outlook has brought this new feature named as spell checker to help users with names.

Apart from the contact suggestions, Microsoft will also be introducing the “Events from email” feature, which will allow users to add their flight timings to the calendar. Outlook will add flight details as a calendar event automatically once the user receives a flight confirmation email. The feature will be enabled by default once it rolls out but users will be able to turn it off by disabling “Events from email” under Settings. The event is blocked off on your calendar, and you see the flight number, destination, airport, and original email along with an automatic reminder three hours before your flight. You can turn this on and off by clicking Settings (gear icon), Options, Calendar, and then “Events from email.”efe-calendar-2_story

The Smarter address will come in March 2016 while “Events from email” in January 2016. All existing Office 365 subscribers with Outlook on the Web along with Outlook.com users will be getting these features.

Know How to Use of Google Map

Nowadays, most of the people are using Smart phones. By default all Android devices will be having Google maps App. But, the problem is many users are still unaware of how to make best use of Google map App even in offline mode. Sometimes, while you are travelling outside cities where data connection is sparse, you won’t feel much ideal. The good news is that you can use Google Map App even if you are offline. Here is how to use Google Maps in offline mode.

First of all, if your Android device does not have Google Map App, download it from the Play Store. Then you will get free maps and directions. But, when you are offline, how to make best use of Google Map App? Do not worry; it is very easy and simple now to make usage of Google Map App even in the offline mode. The procedure to use Google Map in offline mode is mentioned in detail below:

Step 1: Just open Google maps on your device and use the search box for searching the area that you want to have in offline.

Step 2: As soon as you enter an area that you want to search, you will see zoomed view of that particular location. If the view of the map is in Landscape mode, then touch the bar at the bottom, which shows the name of the place. If the map is in portrait mode, then just skip this step.

Step 3: Then, just tap the menu button at the top of the screen and select “Download offline area” from the popup menu.

Step 4: In the next step, just tap on “Save Offline Map” option.

Step 5: Google Map App, will now ask you to pan and zoom to select an area that you want to download. Smaller the area, happier the App will be. If you try to do too much, then the App will ask you to zoom closer.

Best External Hard Drives that you can Opt

Nowadays peoples are opting for external hard drive to upgrade their laptop storage device. External hard drive is a portable storage device which is used to store data. User is able to transport data from one device to another using external hard drive. This device is used to store and back up important files in a safe way. There are different brands of external hard drive available in market. Some of the brands of external hard drive are Seagate, Samsung, Toshiba, Western Digital, Transcend, and many more.

The specification of some top brands of external hard drive is given below. Let’s have view:

Seagate Expansion: This drive may look basic but the basic model boasts 2TB of storage for just under Rs 6370. You also get 3TB variants for Rs 9,160 and 4TB for Rs 11,708. It’s our pick of the bunch for sheer space and simplicity. A new 2015 variant changes the rather staid design for a chequered one, but is slightly more expensive for the same capacities.

Samsung M3: With hard drives, its value that often wins the day and while Seagate’s Expansion does it on sheer bang for your buck, Samsung’s M3 is the best value drive in the portable segment. Its Rs 4,428 for 1TB and Rs 6,380 for 2TB. Like many portable drives, its USB powered. It also features some PC software that enables you to password protect your drive.

Toshiba Canvio Basics: One of the only drives where the 500GB is significantly cheaper than the 1TB, which means you can have fantastic portable storage for not much over Rs 4,000. The 1TB is also slightly cheaper than the Samsung. And for a portable drive, you want something that you’re not afraid to get out of your bag.

WD MY Passport Ultra: At just 15mm thick, the 1TB USB-powered My Passport Ultra is not only available in several colors (black, blue, red and grey) but also features hardware encryption and auto-backup software (WD Smart Ware Pro) for your PC. Mac users will need to reformat the drive, as it is formatted for NTFS out of the box.

Check this page to know more about the specification related to external head drive.