Best Way to Increase Boot Time of Widows 8 System

If you are an individual who is using Windows 8 then there is an issue that you don’t want to face in your life. In fact not you, anyone wants to face such an issue in your life time while working on device. Now you have strong willing to know that what I am taking off. Here in such a condition there is no need to take further tension, the issue is sluggish performance. Suppose you are working on your computer and just opened a document. After opening a document, if you have to wait long then it is not tolerable for any one. On one wants to face such a slow performance issue, but it is not in the hands of human. When the system is new then its performance is on the top, but as the time passes then its performance automatically degraded.

You cannot stop time or this thing to prevent, but you can put some powerful effort in order to improve system performance. Let us discuss some one by one, windows 8 operating system inbuilt with fast startup tool, by making the use of the option you can improve boot time in windows 8 operating system.  You can put system in hibernate mode when it is not in use. This action is also lead to increment in the boot time of computer. It is because in hibernate mode system loads saved kernel directly. You can use Turn on fast start-up” option, present under shutdown setting option windows, here you have to choose turn on fast start-up option. Just mark the check box for fast startup option.

Another important way through which you can boost startup time of computer, to accomplish this right click on task bar on the bottom of Windows 8 and choose Task Manager, now go for more details on the bottom left and explore startup tab to check start up impact on each program. Here you have to do nothing, by making the process disabling with high or medium startup impact, you can boost up windows 8 boot time. You can also windows 8 boost up time by disabling those services. To do so just run “msconfig” command and click ok to open system configuration Window, here you have to switch to service tab and disable the services that you don’t want to use. You can defrag the hard drive once a week, by doing so you can use disk defragmenter option and boost the Windows 8 boot time.

You can find above discuss option vital to increase boot time of windows 8 computer. But sometime it has happened that user finds this way hectic. Here in such a condition you feel the need of a tool through which you can fix such an issue in just few simple clicks. Here in such a condition you can use one of the skilled tools of current time named Remo More. With the help of this tool you can boost up the Windows 8 boot up time with so ease. With the help of this tool you can password protect files on Windows 8 with so ease. For more detail you can visit this link: