Perform Instant Data Recovery from Crashed Laptop Hard Drive

In this Era, technology has vastly improved in such a manner that you can complete all your office work and other tasks from anywhere at any point of time with the help of your laptop. It often feels frustration whenever you get an error message flashing on your laptop screen stating that hard drive got crashed as this result in huge data loss. On such circumstances instead of being worried about the data loss due to crashed laptop hard drive you can efficiently recover each and every single data presented on your crashed laptop hard drive by using crashed laptop data recovery utility like “Laptop Data Recovery” tool.

crashed laptop data recoveryFeatures of this software

  • This program can recover almost any type of file presented on crashed laptop hard drive with its unique signature irrespective of the reason for crash.
  • Laptop Data recovery software is capable of recovering data from all types of laptop.
  • This application can also recuperate data from crashed hard drive having file systems like FAT, FAT-32, FAT-16, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT, HFS, HFS+ so on.
  • Application is supported to get back data from crashed laptop hard drive in Windows and Mac OS X.
  • Using this tool the retrieved data on the basics of signatures can be sorted in “File Type view” in the “Data View” option of the tool.
  • Data recovery from crashed laptop hard drive can be performed using this utility on various hard disk manufactures like Apple, HP, Seagate, Transcend, Hitachi, Western Digital, Buffalo, Toshiba, Sony, Samsung, Verbatim and much more.
  • Apart from all this features, you can still use this “Laptop Data Recovery” tool to recuperate lost / deleted/ formatted data from various storage devices like SD cards, external storage devices, flash memory cards, memory sticks, USB drive, pen drives and much more.

Some of the common scenarios for laptop hard drive crash

  • Header crash: With the help of header file existing in the laptop hard drive the operating system can read / write the located files in the laptop HDD. But if this header file gets corrupted or crashed then the operating system of your laptop will be no longer able to identify the files present in the hard disk. This leads to laptop hard disk crash.
  • MBR corruption: The Master Boot Record holds down all vital data related information in the laptop hard disk. If MBR gets corrupted then OS fails to read information from boot sector. This is the main cause for laptop hard disk crash.
  • File system error: The file system in the system is responsible for allocating the data in logical order. If you change the file system of your laptop hard drive often then it will starts malfunctioning as it will not allow you to access the data stored in the system. This could result in laptop HDD crash.
  • Sudden shutdown/ restart of laptop: If sudden, constant fluctuation in the power is occurred in the laptop due to some reason while you are transferring some files between storage devices or while working on any data then there are possibilities for your laptop hard disk crash.

Data Recovery from External Hard Disk

External hard drives are commonly used to store data such as pictures, videos, audios, documents etc. These are the best alternative to backup important data due to its compact design, pocket size, compatibility, high speed data transfer rate and large data storage capacity. External hard drives are widely used for storing media files and documents, which users want to keep forever. The external hard drives are extremely easy to use, it can carry large amount of data, facilitates great performance, compatibility and durability. But some time you may have to face some data loss problems with your external hard drive.

On such data deletion or loss situation you may feel very bad and want to get back your lost data any cost. At times, even after spending lot of time and effort for recovering data from external hard drive, still you may not be able to get it back. If you are searching for solutions to perform external hard drive data recovery then you are in the right place. Here I am going to describe the best way to get back your lost or deleted data from external hard drive without any difficulty. Windows 8 Data Recovery is one of the best program for external hard drive data recovery. This application is highly recommended by IT professionals due to its features and capability.

Reason behind external hard drive data lose or deletion:

Accidental Format: Most of the user might lose their important data from external hard drive due to accidental formatting or deletion. Sometimes, while removing useless data from external hard drive, people might end up in accidental selection of few important files. And hence, important files will be missing when you search for your files after deleting unwanted files from hard drive.

Corrupted File System: While changing the file system of external hard drive from one to other there is a high chance of file system corruption which may become the reason for data loss.

Abrupt removal of external hard drive: Disconnecting the external hard drive during data transfer from external hard drive to system or vice versa. This can lead to severe data loss situations.

Virus Attacks: Whenever you make use of any untrusted third party application or connect the external hard drive to any virus infected system, it can severely damage the removable drive resulting in heavy data loss situations.

Bad Sectors: Increase in the number of bad sectors on external hard drive due to frequent power surge or unexpected system shutdown, which can result in corruption/damage of volumes making the whole data inaccessible.

In order to overcome above mentioned situations that led to data deletion or loss from external hard drive you can utilize Windows 8 Data Recovery application. This program is design and developed by expert IT professionals for performing deep scanning of external hard drive that is connected to Windows 8 operating system. It has the capability to restore external hard drive data on various version of Windows operating system such as Windows 7, vista, XP, 2003, 2008 etc. You can make use of this ready to use Windows 8 Data Recovery program to recover data from external hard drive partitions or volumes that supports different file system such as FAT32, FAT16, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS+ and HFSX. With the help of this application you can easily perform external hard drive data recovery from various external hard drive manufacturers such as Toshiba, WD, Samsung, Buffalo, and Seagate etc.

Data Recovery after Windows Reinstallation

Are you shocked after finding that all your important data are missing from the Windows hard drive after its reinstallation? Don’t be tensed on how to recover data from Windows hard drive after reinstallation of OS. Your crucial data are just some clicks away from you. As a Windows hard drive user, you may need to reinstall Windows anytime on your PC. There can be some reasons which lead you to perform Windows reinstallation.  Some of them are mentioned below,

  • You may decide to reinstall Windows OS, if your Windows installation was very old that needs a fresh start
  • When you failed in removing viruses from your PC
  • Windows system files or the boot files are corrupted
  • Corruption of Windows registry
  • Hardware failure during start up Windows system crash
  • Up gradation of Windows system
  • Program which runs at start up causes an error that leads to computer crash

What happens after reinstallation of the Windows system? Reinstallation of the Windows over the existing installation does the following: it copies original system files to hard drive, resets certain Windows settings to default values. Consequently, when you reinstall Windows system, “Documents and settings” folders will be reinitialized and all data stored on it will be erased. While you are in process of reinstalling Windows system, suddenly you may remember that some of the important files are in “My Document”, system hard drive partition or on the system desktop. After completion of Windows reinstallation, you only find that all those important data have been lost. Hence you must make a good preparation before reinstalling your Windows system like keeping the back up of all the important data. You can easily perform data recovery after reinstalling Windows using this unique and reliable Windows hard drive recovery tool. Windows hard drive recovery software is featured with fine range of recovery properties; you can have a look on some of its unique segments. Windows hard drive recovery software is an exclusive tool which recovers all the data from hard drive after reinstalling hard drive. Other that operating system reinstallation issue, this tool also supports recovery of data from formatted, reformatted, corrupted or inaccessible hard disk issues. Important features of Windows hard drive recovery software Windows hard drive recovery software is designed with free of cost trial edition which you can easily download from the internet with confidence for accomplishing the recovery of data on demonstrative manner. This free edition point up a demonstration of the tool working for free and lets you recognize the software before purchasing. However, in order to save those recovered data you have to invest on the licensed version of the hard drive recovery software which is available at an absolutely pocket friendly price in order to avail in complete processing. Click here- to get more details on how to recover data from Windows hard drive. Important points to be kept in mind

  • Highly suggested to backup hard drive data before OS re-installation
  • If in case you have lost important data after re-installations of Windows then never attempt to use the hard drive before performing the recovery operation only with the reliable hard drive recovery software

WD Hard Drive Recovery Tool

Western Digital or generally known as WD is one of the most used external memory device that holds data of varied file formats within the most fortified and authenticated way. These stored files over WD might be accessed repeatedly whenever necessary for users. Since, this hard drive has capability to hold data of various sizes over wide size of its memory space. This huge sized memory space tool from time to time get corrupted on account of various reason, thus making files that were saved regarding this, unavailable for use. Such unreachable files could be retained back by using Western Digital Recovery software, that’s armored sufficiently to rescue files of varied file formats.

Large sized hard drive like WD external hard drive, data usually get unreachable due to variety of reasons. Of this loss of data scenario over peripheral hard drive, mainly files get inaccessible on account of misuse. Let’s assume one of such loss of data scenario, and learn to restore such inaccessible files. Suppose that you want some data from WD drive, and that’s why you attached it in your system. And after accomplishment of the mandatory task on the memory device, you ejected it  by not pursuing the proper procedure. Later after sometime when you tried to reuse the WD drive that showed message, describing corruption of external drive. The sole possible solution of which regretful situation is utilizing rescue tool.

As a way to have data back from inaccessible peripheral hard disk, recovery application must be used as fast as possible. This must be insured because files that are unreachable may get lost forever, as they can be overwritten by other file, which is seeking free storage space. Because of this, industrial experts recommend utilizing recovery tool as early as possible. To get optimal output employing this software, people need to follow a number of the precautionary measures like, format or reformat with the drive should not be performed and usage of the external drive have to be stopped just after loss of data.

A variety of files can be easily rescued by utilization of this promising software, many of the popular file formats are MP4, AIF, AIFF, AMR, M4A, AIFC, JPG, 3G2, JPEG, TIFF, PSD, GIF, CRW, NEF, ARW, RAW, MRW, CR2 plus more. It helps recovery of data on different files systems such FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExtFAT that are working on various brands of external hard drive. In addition to performing recovery of files over hard drive like WD, it is may also be used over other external storage drive having smaller memory space like SD, Thumb drive, XD, FireWire Drives and iPods. If users need to have a detailed idea about this software, they can watch the online video on this software which would clarify each of your doubt about how to recover files from WD hard drive.