Tactics to Shred Files on Windows 7

I’ve a computer at my office which is been installed with an amazing Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. I have planned to sell my computer, but I always scared about one thing i.e. few months back I deleted some private files from my PC. I know very well that deleted files could be easily recovered these days, in case the person for whom I sell my computer recovers that deleted confidential data then  no need of explaining I will surely get into trouble. I don’t know how to shred files permanently, can anyone please tell me how to deal with this issue?

Are you among the one who have into a situation as stated above? If so, then don’t get worried, you have reached the right place, just read this article carefully to know the tactics of shredding the files permanently from computer. Have you ever heard of about file shredder software? It’s nothing but a free tool to shred files on Windows 7 computer, if you employ file shredder tool then you could easily delete the confidential data without any hassling.

How unique is file shredder app?

First of all, file shredder app is a free software for using which nothing is to be paid. This free file shredder utility is a most widely used tool to shred the files permanently from computer. When any private data is deleted using this software; then deleted data cannot be recovered at any cost.

Following are the shredding patterns used by file shredder utility:

  • Peter Guttmann + DOD 5200.23.M
  • N.A.V.S.O
  • N. A. T. O
  • DOD 5200.28.M
  • Random Overwrite

These are the shredding patterns that are used all over the world, and is been approved by various law enforcement and defense authorities. Click here: www.freefileshredder.net/ to know

What are the highlighting features of free file shredder software?

Free file shredder software has many helpful features, some of the noted features are stated below:

  • It’s a soundest application which has the ability of shredding files permanently from Windows 7 PC.
  • In addition to Windows 7, this amazing file shredder utility can be installed on Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 8 etc.
  • With the help of this tool you can securely delete the confidential files from different types of external storage devices which include memory cards, external computer drives, memory sticks, flash drives etc.
  • By using this file shredder utility it is possible to permanently delete the data from different types of hard disks such as SCSI, SATA, ATA, and IDE etc.
  • This tool includes a great option called scheduler, which enables you to shred the files on a scheduled time.
  • This file shredder app is free from all sorts of harmful viruses and spiteful programs.
  • It’s a most reputed file shredder utility.
  • It’s a friendly tool, which offers simplest way to delete files from Windows 7 computer.
  • In very limited time frame, this software deletes data from computer.

Go to the website and obtain free file shredder software from there, install the software on your Windows 7 PC and shred your confidential data safely and securely.

How to Delete File Permanently Using File Shredder Software

Shredding files in the system is one of the quickest method to secure data saved on the hard disk. Most of them think that deleting files permanently in the drive is just like shredding files. But additionally some think that formatting the drive guarantees the entire data security. But none of them is true as individuals files could be retrieved easily by utilizing recovery tool. Hence if you want to shred the file beyond recovery then you definitely must take advantage from the File shredder that can help in removing the files permanently in the system drive or from the other storage media.

Consider among the situation like, you need to sell you memory stick and wish to buy a new one that has more data storage capacity. That memory stick will be having information like credit card, banking account number, along with other secret data. Selling USB drive is going to be risky because the data saved onto it might be misused by others. You erased whatever you files but nonetheless you will see chances for recuperating those data using recovery tool available in the market. Hence it will be necessary that you should remove all of the files permanently in the drive. At that instance take advantage of the greatest file shredder software that effectively supports you to definitely delete data in the drive permanently.

Other situations by which file shredder software programs are needed

  • Avoidance of mishandling data: Consider that you formatted the drive and then sell on drive to other people. However, you discovered that buyer has retrieved all of the data you’ve before formatting the drive and employed for illegal purpose. This can be avoided mishandling of data using the file shredder software which will permanently removes all of the data saved onto it.
  • Permanent Erasure: Sometimes, if you wish to wipe an entire hard disk or perhaps a particular logical drive you’ll be able to take advantage of the file shredder software that allows you to definitely remove all of the files permanently.
  • Usage of space on disk: Whenever any files are erased in the drive, windows won’t erase the items in those files in the drive however it only removes the header address and helps make the space open to accommodate new documents.

By each one of these situations you’ll need the great file erasure because the erased contents will be your data or certain security codes. Hence to maintain your system secure, you have to make use of the file shredder that even enables to simply wipes out the free space to make certain that files that is erased earlier can’t be restored. Visit this website, http:howtoshredfiles.com/for-windows-7.html how to shred files in the system or from the other storage products.

A few of the features that come with this tool

  • This software removes files and folders permanently from hard disk drives, memory cards, USB drives including other storage devices.
  • It has faster drive shredding speed that can help you in preserving time and system assets.
  • This software is a excellent tool that works extremely well to delete your photos forever, even beyond recovery which is also relevant with other file like videos, documents, excel spreadsheets audio, or other files types available.
  • You can shred files on computer as it is simple to wipe formerly deleted files out of your drive using wipe free disk space option.

Free demo form of the file shredder software programs is available from the internet. You are able to evaluate the functionality from the software then you can purchase its licensed version.