How to Recover Pictures, Files After Factory Reset?

Factory reset is nothing but a method to restore the system or laptop back to its factory setting. Usually, the performance of the system gets reduced due to several virus infected files, software malfunction problems, logical errors, system crash and so on. So in order to fix these issues, it is necessary to perform the factory reset but this will result in the deletion of important files, pictures, software, multimedia files, applications, and so on.

Recover files after factory resetConsider a scenario you have accidentally performed the factory reset of your system and this results in the deletion of important pictures and files from your system. Don’t get worried by thinking about your foolishness because mistake can happen with anyone. You can easily recover files after factory reset with the help of File Recovery Tool. To know more Info how to recover files after factory reset you can try out the software demo version that is available for Free of cost.

Reasons behind performing the factory reset:

  • Accidental or unintentional reset
  • Hard disk drives crash
  • system issues
  • Blue screen on death errors.

Above are only some of the reasons due to which factory reset is performed. Apart from above factors some other reasons like virus attacks, malware intrusion, operating system crash, hardware issues, also lead to perform factory reset of the system. No need to get panic, even after performing the factory reset you can still hope for file recovery with the help of reliable, safe and secure software called File Recovery tool.

Outstanding Features of File Recovery tool:

This reliable software helps to recover picture, important files on the different version of Windows (Windows 8, 7, Windows server 2003 and server 2008, Windows XP and Vista and Mac operating systems including Mavericks, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, and so on. It is used to restore files such as images, audio, video, spreadsheets, software, Zip files, RAR files, etc. This software is used for recovering deleted or lost files from various storage drives like USB drives, pen drives, SD cards, memory cards, SSD drives, external hard drives, etc. This reliable tool consists of a simple graphical user interface which helps the users in performing the recovery operation. It is also for recovering the files that are deleted by formatting the hard drive and also recovers files from corrupted hard drives.

Perform Formatted SD Card Recovery in Few Simple Steps

SD card stands for Secure Digital and it is a flash memory card. SD cards are commonly used in mobiles, digital cameras, video game consoles, camcorders, etc. You can store many file types (video files, audio files, documents, PDF files, photo files, etc) in SD card. Different size of SD card is available in market (up to 512 GB). Many featured brands are producing SD cards such as (Transcend, Samsung, SanDisk, Kingston, Lexar, Panasonic, Sony, etc). Imagine you have stored some important videos in your mobile SD card. While using mobile if you click format button accidentally, then all the files present in the SD card will be lost. Now you cannot recover lost files manually. At that instant you may be thinking about how to recover lost files from formatted SD card and which tool is reliable to get back lost data.

sd-card-recovery-softwareThe only way to recover lost files after formatting SD card is by using effective utility. One of the reliable utility preferred by many experts is Recover Formatted SD Card software. This tool has an effective algorithm that can recover formatted SD card in few simple steps.

Reasons Responsible for Format of SD card:

Abrupt Switch Off: While using SD card on any device, if the device gets abruptly turn off, then there are chances of corruption of SD card. When you try to access corrupted SD card then it may display error message with format option to access again. Now you should forcibly format the SD card that leads to loss of entire files.

Interruption during Transfer: If there is any interruption while transferring files from SD card to system, then there are chances of corruption of SD card. The corrupt SD card is not accessible and to make it accessible then you need to format it.

File System Corruption: Details of files such as name, size, file type and extension is maintained by file system. If file system gets corrupted due to any reason, then files cannot access be from SC card. To access file system you need to format SD card to access again.

Other Reasons: Despite of the above causes for corruption or formatting of SD card there are many other reasons. Some of them are due to virus attack, improper handling of SD card, bad sectors, etc.

Formatted SD card recovery is such an easy task when you use Recover Formatted SD Card software. This tool has simple GUI which makes your formatted SD card recovery task quite easy.

Features of Recover Formatted SD Card software:

  • This software can recover formatted SD card i.e. corrupted due to virus infection, file system corruption, accidental format in hassle free manner.
  • It is applicable for different versions of Mac (Mavericks, Lion, Mountain Lion, Yosemite, leopard and Snow Leopard) and Windows (Windows 10, Windows 8, Window 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc) operating systems.
  • Using demo version of this software you can recover and preview all the lost files due to formatting SD card. After previewing if you are satisfied by the results, then, then you can purchase the full version of this software to save recovered file.
  • If you find any problem at the time of recovering formatted SD card then you can approach to technical support team, this team is available 24*7.


Restoration Tool to Retrieve Missing Files

In today’s world, there is rapid growth in the number of users who employ computer or laptop in their day to day life. Beginning from paper industry to the digital world, all works are performed in PC. It is used for website creation, animated movie creation, creating presentations and portfolio creation. Normally, all users make use of their system for performing official work, storing unforgettable memories, scheduling corporate meeting, delivering office presentations, etc. However, with the increase in today’s world OS based module is being introduced in the market. Like versions of Mac and Windows OS have been launched.

However, users install either Mac or Windows Operating System on their laptop or system. While making use of their systems, there is maximum possibility for users to encounter heartbreaking situations like data loss. At the same time, they Google out the data recovery software for restoring their missing data. The main problem is, all users are unable to know the basic working principle of new devices. They at times might get confuse with the functionality of their computer and it might push them into a critical situation. Data loss circumstances are quite common for both OS. They have to depend on a genuine file recovery tool. It is really annoying when data loss leaves you into a painful situation and make you hate yourself in front of your college principal.

Let us look at a scenario where a student prepares presentations for his / her college that needs to be presented in college fest. He saves the presentations on his Windows based machine. Next day in seminar hall, when he starts with the presentation, he remains shocked as his documents goes missing due to software issues. In such stage he thinks which lost file retrieval software to use and may not get proper idea. Have you ever encountered such scenario? If yes, then use some reliable software to recover missing data. Among several recovery tools,  Data recovery software proves to be more useful in recovering lost or deleted data from computer’s hard disk.

Where you need Software to Recover missing files?

  • Improper file transfer process: Your important files may go missing due to inappropriate file transferring process. If you encounter any kind of interruption like abrupt power surge or sudden system shutdown in the middle of data transfer process, then it might ends up with loss of files.
  • Virus infection: Virus or external threats attacks the HDD of your computer due to copying files from virus infected storage devices. Viruses then start creating replica of your vital files in the form of shortcuts and spread corruption to whole hard disk. Thus, all files become inaccessible leading to data loss.
  • Software conflicts: You might encounter this issue when you upgrade your software and then finds out your OS malfunctions or modifications in system settings. Due to this, your system might refuse to turn ON.
  • Format error:  Sometimes, you might receive an unexpected error message stating “Drive is not formatted, do you want to format it now?”, “Unformatted drive, format it now”, “hard disk not recognized and needs to be formatted “, etc. These errors are the indications of logical issues and force you to perform formatting.
  • Other causes like file system corruption, usage of third party tools, hard disk failure, OS corruption, etc. lead to loss of files.

You can use this data recovery software to recover lost files from hard disk, external HDD, flash drive, memory stick and other storage devices. It has the capability to restore data from simple file loss scenarios to complex file loss scenarios. This lost file recovery program is responsible for recovering files and folders from SCSI, IDE and PATA hard disks. It supports various file systems including HFS+, HFSX, FAT16, FAT32 and exFAT with utmost ease. It has integrated thorough scanning strategies to find recover missing, lost and deleted files from Windows as well as Mac machines. This strategic utility will enable you to save the recovery session which avoids duplication of work in future, thereby saving your priceless time. It will identify and bring back missing and lost files like Zip, PPT, games, PDF, APK files and excel sheets. You can use it to save drive space by compressing recovered files. You can take preview of restored data with the help of its default “Preview” option. In addition, it assists you to retrieve data according to file type, date of creation, name, etc.

Excellent Tool to Recover Data after Shift + Delete

Windows is most widely used operating-system this OS is having simple and quite highly interactive user interface. Till date Microsoft released many Windows OS versions for example Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and the present one is Windows 8. Today almost every work can be done by utilizing computer it has given flexibility to create and use files and also perform many tasks this is far better then the standard file system. Because of this utility each computer user wishes in order to save their data on system. Some system’s users won’t aware of the data loss scenarios will loss data from computer.

It is quite common to save the files and folders on system but Windows system could also have chance of data loss or deletion. For those who have also come across with such type of data loss scenarios in your Windows system then you don’t need to worry now, because by utilizing one of the best tool called Windows Recovery Software it’s really easy to recover lost data from Windows system. This recovery tool also allows you to recover data after Shift + Delete key combinations to delete particular files.

Let’s know some sort of data loss / Deletion scenarios you might find with Windows system

Intentional Deletion: Sometimes you may remove some unwanted files from system by utilizing key combinations like “Shift + Delete”. In this kind of deletion the deleted file will by pass the recycle bin and when you needed back such files it won’t possible easily.

Formatting or Reformatting: Drive formatting can be achieved because of many reasons for example to make the free space for new data or else sometimes drive can’t be access because of malware infection. After formatting when you reformat the drive to alter the file system from the drive then in this case if any interruptions occur then you definitely will lose the data in the formatted drive.

Virus Infection: Virus infection is the most primary reason for data loss in a electronic device, once the malicious data enters system then it progressively infect the files and make them inaccessible. If you perform computer virus scanning operation then antivirus plan may delete virus infected files without any type of notice.

Features of Windows Recovery Software

  • This software will use to recover more then 300 kinds of files which include music file, video file, picture file, exe files, pdf files, Word file etc.
  • It can possible to recuperate data from the recycle bin that has been emptied without looking at the stored content of the recycle bin.
  • By using this software it can possible to recuperate data from external hard disk along with internal hard drive.
  • Windows Recovery software is well suitable for file system types for example FAT and NTFS.
  • By applying this tool you can recover data from corrupted or formatted hard disk effectively.
  • This utility could be use to recover data despite Windows operating system reinstallation has been done.
  • This tool is the act as the complete recovery solution for the Windows systems. To know more in detail regarding the Windows recovery just visit this link:

Windows 8 Lost File Recovery

Windows 8 OS is widely used operating system available in the market today. If you are using this Windows 8 computer then here is some information you need to know. Even though most of the Windows 8 users might keep in mind its built-in feature but there are many situation where you discover some files are missing from the Windows 8 program. So today in this post, you can know the easy steps and information about Windows 8 lost file recovery procedure which helps you in finding the perfect solution for how to find lost files on Windows 8 easily.

If a single file or a multiple files goes missing from your Windows 8 then you’ve got a pretty good chance for getting it back those files. But first you have to follow this important caution, every time you write on the Windows 8 hard disk; you reduce the chances of file recovery. Hence it’s important to avoid using system for anything other than file recovery before you get successfully recovered all the lost files.

File which you needed might not be actually be missing, it may include accidentally been eliminated to other area. In order to determine that file you may use Windows search capabilities to take into consideration the file title. If this doesn’t guide then try searching for a word you know is in your file but not probably be elsewhere.

Now let have a look on some scenarios by which a number of the files get disappeared and you’ll be able to go to the subsequent section to think about the process to get better missing files about Windows 8 OS.

  • When you are accessing several files from your Windows 8 system which is the system gets switched off abruptly then your file get missing
  • Unexpected failure of power also accountable for loss of files, if the files will be in active mode
  • Sometimes if your Windows 8 Recycling Bin memory is full and you delete some of important files, then those deleted files get bypassed from Recycle Bin folder. As a result, you will not have the chance for recovering those files from Recycle Bin. Because of this specific files go missing from Windows 8 OS.
  • If there is any interruption within transferring files from Windows 8 to other external drives then also it leads to missing of files. This interruption involves abrupt removal on the device, system turn off, etc.

Windows 8 file recovery is a good utility that scans all of your system drive to locate and extract files which can be missing from your own Windows 8 computer. Windows 8 recovery software also facilitates recovery of various file formats which includes PowerPoint files, images, Word documents, Spread sheets, video, ZIP files, PSD documents etc. Whatever could the reasons for loss be of files this file recovery software works exceptionally well to get back all your files. Click here- to get more information on Windows 8 file recovery software.

Retrieve Files from Recycle Bin in Windows 8

Have you deleted the files from the Windows 8 that you did not wish to and want to recover those files but did not found on Recycle Bin? Deleted files from the Windows 8 Recycle Bin folder? Have you deleted files from Windows 8 by shift + deleted keys or emptied Windows 8 Recycle Bin? Searching for the tool to recover files from Windows 8 Recycle Bin, if yes then don’t worry this article gives you the solution of how you can retrieve files from Recycle Bin in Windows 8 instantly.

With the reputation of the computer, no users of the Windows system are found unfamiliar with the Recycle Bin. Recycle Bin folder gives the dose of regret medicine. Deleted files move to the Recycle Bin and they are essentially put into the special folder and still take up the disk space. Only by deleting the files from the Recycle Bin or emptying it can make the file really deleted and generates more disk space for the system.

This Recycle Bin folder helps to save the deleted files, folders, shortcuts, pictures, WebPages, etc. The files which are deleted can be restored from Recycle Bin but if you delete the files by using Shift and Delete key combination then you lose the files permanently.

Causes that results in deletion of files from Windows 8 Recycle Bin are mentioned below

  • If you empty the Recycle Bin folder accidentally or intentionally then the entire files store in it gets deleted
  • Selecting some files from the Recycle Bin and pressed on Delete key from the keyboard accidentally results in deletion of all those selected files
  • Sometimes you may select files and right click on it to restore but accidentally clicked on Delete option instead from the Recycle Bin folder
  • Using Shift + Delete keys to delete files then the files bypass the Recycle Bin folder and get deleted permanently
  • If the files stored on the Windows 8 Recycle Bin is full then the files also gets deleted and when you continue deleting files from the system then the folder will store recently deleted files and delete the older files

Windows 8 Recycle Bin recovery software is the most powerful tool that retrieves deleted files from Recycle Bin folder with ease. This recovery software scans the hard drive thoroughly and helps you to recover permanently deleted files of different file formats with great ease. Even when the directory structure is damaged then the files can still be undeleted by using this recovery software. You can employ this prominent Windows 8 recovery software to recover lost files from Windows 8 effectively. To get more details about file recovery on Windows 8 system, visit this site-

Useful tips

  • After deletion of files from Windows 8 system, use good recovery software to restore those files before the files memory space gets overwritten by other new files
  • Always cross check the files before deleting from the Recycle Bin whether it is required or not for further use
  • Never download the software on the same drive on which the deleted files are located
  • Erase the files so that they get stored on the Recycle Bin folder and you can restore them back after such deletion issues

Cost Effective Tool to recover files on corrupted external hard disk

Windows OS is quite prominent Operating System and just about all users use Windows OS to use since it user friendly in order to work for office or personal usage. It can commonly fix functionality based errors on Windows but a major issue can bring about loss of precious information, which can’t be retrieved using Windows OS like file system corruption, Partition corruption, hard disk drive corruption, Operating System damage all of these scenarios will bring about data loss through the external hard disk. So to get back the data through the external hard drive you should take advantage Windows recovery software program.  Loss of data might occur through the other storage devices like external computer drives, SD card, Flash drives, etc.

Are you thinking how to recover files on corrupted external hard disk?

If yes, then no need to be worried because you can recover it using the Windows recovery software External hard drives are widely used to hold different types of data files like clips, movies, audio tracks, video, information that is personal etc but a majority of probably, . In External hard drives FAT file system is used if this file system gets corrupted due to any reason it might result in data loss through the External hard drives. To recover data through the hard drive you need to use windows recovery software. Sometimes, you may accidentally click on the external hard drive instead of selecting the other drive then the hard drive is formatted  due to this data loss can happen. While transferring data from storage device to your computer if you switch off suddenly the PC it might lead to data loss. If any files are corrupted due to virus attack, external hard drive is removed from your system abruptly, without using safe remove option while transferring data in such cases you’ll be in leading data loss situation. So if you come across this type of scenarios then stop using particular external hard drive from which you have lost data. To avoid overwriting of the data and sometimes the lost data cannot be recovered using Windows recovery software. While installing Windows recovery software you should be watchful that you cannot install Windows recovery software on the same drive from which you might have lost data.

The most outstanding features of the software:

  • Whenever data loss happens from any storage device, utilize Windows recovery software program to recover lost data easily.
  • This application has the ability to retrieve lost data from formatted hard disk drive, SD card, corrupted external hard drive and from any other storage device.
  • This software program provides user-friendly interface it can be installed on any computer very easily. Before by using this recovery software program, make certain you have not over written data on the storage device from which you might have lost data.
  • This software provides you a trial version, which you can install on your computer for free of cost. Download the trial version and perform recovery operation if you are satisfied then can buy this recovery software. for more information visit:

How to recover erased or lost files?

Consider a scenario, when you accidentally select your files and delete them using Shift+ Delete key combination from computer. Else when you are in rush to go somewhere; you quickly perform incomplete cut paste operation on files from computer. All these scenarios are very frustrating when it comes to losing files.

Whenever you face such issue; don’t be frightened of losing important data. Here is the best answer to get back lost/deleted files using Free Data Recovery Software. This application is competent to retrieve broken, erased and corrupted files effortlessly. Since the name suggests Free Data Recovery Software, you don’t need to spend money on this software. Remember don’t assume that all the free third party applications provide your files in the healthy state. Let’s quickly observe how files go missing or erased.

Loss of files due to following reasons:

Deletion of files using Shift+Delete combination: When you wish to get rid of particular files, you utilize Shift+Delete key to erase these files thinking that you don’t need them anymore. But, later you realize that few necessary files were erased with other files resulting in loss of data.

Sudden computer shut down: If you don’t turn off your computer properly, after using the files. These files are broken resulting in corruption of data.

Deletion of files using third party tools: When you use third party anti-virus to scan your system for virus, many such applications are not safe. They may delete your files from system while scanning without any notification.

Power fluctuation: As a result of abrupt power variation while accessing documents on computer, damages the documents leading to inaccessible documents.

To fix any of the above mentioned issues, you’ll need this Free Data Recovery Software which supports you recover your files in the organized manner.

Features that come with Free Data Recovery Software:

Free Data Recovery Software entirely retrieves videos, files, pictures, documents along with other essential files which are deleted, missing or corrupted from system. This application promptly scans the complete partition to restore the files from system. It may powerfully rescues images of various formats like ARW, RAW, PNG GIF, JPG, BMP, JPEG, DCX, PCD and much more. It recovers various music files like WAV, MP3, AMR and others in addition to video files like MPEG, MP4, AVI, DIVX, 3GP, MOV, etc from devices like memory cards, USB drives, iPods, portable drives and other devices. Employing this free application, you’ll be able to retrieve and save data around 1 GB. You can separate out deleted files from your list of recovered files utilizing an option called Show Deleted available in this application. It gives you an option to store the scanning session to prevent rescanning drive again. This reliable software recovers other file formats like RAR, SIT, FLV, ZOO, ANI, ZIP, PST, ARJ, AVB, DCI, etc. It is cost-free and friendly tool with latest fashion interface installed on Windows OS’s namely Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008.


Procedure to Recover Windows 8 Memory Card Data

Memory card is a storage device that keeps documents, images, videos, audio, etc. as backup files. It is used to store large amount of data of several GB. There are many types of memory cards are available in market place. Many people are familiar with all the memory cards. However, due to some reasons Windows 8 PC users come across with memory card file loss situations. In the event, if you are also one of them then here is the perfect solution for your all problems.

While using memory card, unknowingly or knowingly its users come across with problems like data loss. It is difficult to guess the approximate amount of data loss happened to them. During this intolerable condition, people may try to search for the outstanding software to perform recovery of lost data. In order to assist all memory card users to come over this type of scenarios, expert professionals have introduced superior tool known as Windows 8 data recovery. This program provides effective solutions you do not know how to recover hard drive data on Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista, 2003, etc.

Some reasons behind loss of data from memory card on Windows 8 computer:

  • Improper removal of memory card: While accessing memory card, in some cases user may improperly eject the memory card without following the message “safe to remove drive”. This type of mistake may lead to loss of vital data on windows 8 PC.
  • Accidental formatting: Most of the times, while accessing data from memory card, user may get an error message like “your drive needs to be formatted, do you want to format it now?” In the event, if you are in rush then without clearly reading that message you may click on yes option ends up with loss of data.
  • File system corruption: While changing the file system of memory card, if any interruption like sudden power surge in between this process takes place meanwhile there is a possibility of memory card file system corruption.
  • Intentional formatting: Sometimes, user may format the memory card thinking that all the files present on it are not required in future. Later, when they come to know about their work, they realize their mistake.

In all the above said scenarios, this utility comes with handy to perform rapid recovery of memory card data. It is helpful to recover lost files from memory card of types like XD cards, CF cards, SD cards, etc. of popular manufacturing brands like LaCie, Kingston, Sony, SanDisk, HP, etc. It is able to recover audio, video and pictures of different file types lost from memory card on Windows 8. If you want to get more idea about how to recover memory card data on Windows 8, then simply click here:

It helps you to restore recovered data based on file name, file size and file type with ease. This non-destructive software can perform recovery of lost data without doing any modification to original files on Windows 8. This is a simple to use, user-friendly utility to perform rapid recovery of lost or deleted memory card data on windows 8 computer.