About Google’s Quantum Computer that Launches an Artificial Intelligence

In 1980s, researchers working on the development of the quantum computer. That would be more powerful than any other of the digital computers that exist today. Google, which collaborate with NASA and the Universities Space Research Association (USRA), says that it has a quantum computer.

Google claims the D-Wave 2X machine is 100 million times faster than any of today’s machines. As a result, this quantum computer has the ability to complete calculations within seconds. It easily calculate to a problem that might take a digital computer 10,000 years to calculate.

The D-Wave 2X represents the field of artificial intelligence along with quantum leap for computing. This machine is now carried out by NASA for their research program. This can be done by this machine because it’s too hard or too complex for other computers to solve any problem instantaneously.

There are many things said about how Google’s quantum computer works. There is a process called quantum annealing is used for immediate applications for Google’s quantum computer. There is a class of AI problems which is generally referred to as optimization problems. Imagine NASA being able to use quantum computers to optimize the flight trajectories of interstellar space missions, FedEx being able to optimize its delivery fleet of trucks and planes, etc.

Moreover, the development of quantum artificial intelligence also benefit consumers at great level. In a Google promo video for its Quantum Artificial Intelligence they suggests that travel might be one type of consumer optimization. Suppose you want a holiday in Europe and you want to select a city, you tell to the computer how much you want to spend for this trip and then Google optimize a perfect trip for you.

Instead of quantum computer facility there is one problem with it, it is very notorious beasts to tame. Using quantum computers you deals with quantum bits  and not with digital bits. Basically digital bits is either 1 or 0 but quantum bits could be either both at the same time. So that you have to deal with each and every property of quantum bits predicted by quantum machine like entanglement and superposition inorder to correct quantum computer program.

When you look forward you realize that there are two different scenarios for quantum computing. The first scenario is that Google uses these D-Wave quantum computers to completely rule the market because there is nothing like this giant machine. And the other scenario is that now a days world need some other forms of computing and using this company wants to easier the program than qubits.

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